Rights and Confidentiality

  • To be treated with consideration, respect, and full recognition of their dignity and individuality, and have courteous, compassionate care.
  • To be protected by the licensee from neglect, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse (including corporal punishment) and from all forms of misappropriation and/ or exploration.
  • To have reasonable personal privacy when you receive care.
  • To be informed about your care and to be involved in your care planning. 
  • To submit complaints without fear of retaliation and have them addressed timely.
  • To reuse services and be informed of the impact toward your care
  • To be informed of any changes in your care, including the type, amount, and frequency.
  • To participate fully, or to refuse to participate, in community activities.
  • Not to be required to make public statements which acknowledge gratitude to the agency. 
  • Identifiable photographs will not be used without written and signed consent by the service recipient or guardian. 
  • To voice grievances to the licensee and to outside representatives of their choice  with the freedom from restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal. 
  • To be assisted in the exercise of their civil rights. 
  • To promptly inform your care provider if you will be away fro home when services are scheduled.
  • To report any changes in your health or living conditions which concern your care.
  • To cooperate with care providers and ask questions if you do not understand questions or information.
  • To provide a safe home environment so that services can be safely given to you.  
Grievance Procedures 
You have the right to voice grievances to the staff of the agency, to the owner of the agency, and to outside representatives of your choice with freedom from restraint, interference coercion, discrimination or reprisal. 

Any question or specific concerns regarding service recipient’s rights or to report a complaint may be directed to ny of the following:

Alternative Counseling Solutions # 615-705-2698

TN State Office of Licensure & Preview Phone # 1-866-777-1250

Disability Law and Advocacy Center of TN Phone # 1-800-342-1600

TN Department of Humane Services – Adult Protection Services Phone # 1-888-277-8366

have been explained and received a copy of Service Recipient Rights, Confidentiality, Responsibilities, and Grievance Procedures.