1. Client agrees to pay all applicable fees as agreed in fee agreement. 

2. Client agrees to be on time for group. 3. Client agrees to keep confidentiality of all group members. 4. Client agrees to actively participate in group discussions. 5. Client agrees to complete all required assignments. 6. Client agrees to treat counselor and other participants with respect at all times. 7. Client agrees that he/she will not bring any food or drink into the building at any time. 8. Client agrees to smoke outside the building in designated smoking areas. 9. Client agrees to turn all cell phones off while in group. 10. Client agrees not to come to group intoxicated or high at anytime and understands that the police will be called immediately if this behavior occurs.

do hereby agree to the following mentioned rules and understand that violation of these could result in termination from DUI School and I will have to start over again and will have to pay the required fee again.